Nosferatu in the body shop
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Big news! Nosferatu is now in the bodyshop undergoing repairs and a respray!
That news is welome in itself, but the real news is that the repair work is being carried out by our new sponsor, Nick Bolton.
Team Nosferatu Racing are extremely pleased to announce and welcome a new sponsor for the 2010 season. Nick Bolton, owner of an excellent body repair shop, near Banbury. He's also owner of Banbury Auto Colour Match who supply paint, consumables and tools to the auto industries in the area. We would also like to welcome Dan Bolton (son-of Nick) who is setting up a new business to supply vinyl graphics to the public and local businesses.
Dan is also looking to train to become an airbrush artist with an ambition to work on race cars and also the human body. As you can see from above the businesses that Nick and Dan own they have the capability to deliver a complete body service for any racer or vehicle owner. So if you need repairs, complete or partial paintwork, paints, consumables, tools or vinyl graphics then Nick and Dan can help. Banbury Auto Colour match have their website under construction at the moment but can be contacted on 01295 256873. Nick Bolton Body Repairs and Dan Bolton Graphics can be contacted on 01295 711233

Will Nosferatu look the same when he emerges from the crypt for the 2010 season?

As usual, dear race fans, you'll have to tune in again to find out! Come back soon!