Parachute repairs!
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At the Summer Nationals at Santa Pod we decided that it was time to get to grips with the hole in one of the parachutes. Nosferatu is quite capable of stopping under normal braking, but the 'chutes are a very good backup system. To be honest, we weren't even sure if people repaired parachutes, but as it turns out it's common practice, even if you use them for jumping out of planes!
We were lucky to find a company called Seamstress Ltd, based near Daventry (about 40 minutes from Santa Pod) who offered to look at our 'chute for us. A couple of hours later they'd carried out a very neat and tidy repair for us, and the cost to us was extremely modest, a tiny fraction of the cost of replacing the 'chute! So, if any fellow racers have a growing hole in their 'chutes, we'd recommend them to contact Sally or Penny who will almost certainly be able to help. They're nice people, too, which is always a bonus!