Welcome to the world of in car video recording!
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We bought one of these cameras and are really pleased with the results. It is totally self contained with no external wires, batteries or screens to worry about. There are no moving parts inside either, so it is as immune to the effects of vibration as anything is ever likely to be, which is a very useful characteristic in a drag racing environment!

Hauser Racing are now selling the GoPro Hero Wide, and full details of the camera are available on their web site at www.hauserracing.com. They have a limited stock at the moment, and we'll have what's left in our pit at the forthcoming Summer Nationals at Santa Pod. If you fancy a look at the camera, or want to buy one for 150 plus VAT, wander along to the Porta Crypt!

If you're one of the teams that have recently bought one of the GoPro Hero Wide cameras from Hauser and fancy learning from our experiences of using them at the Main Event please feel free to visit us for a chat.