Engine strip down
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At the Summer Nationals last week three of the main caps broke under the loads imposed by the engine. Whether the recent increase in supercharger boost and fueling had anything to do with the problem, who knows?
We took the car back to Hauser Racing's headquarters while most of the other teams were still enjoying perfect racing weather on the Sunday. By early afternoon the engine was out of the car and stripped right down to a bare block. Time to take a close look at all the components!

Above: Fearless and Mysterious lifting the crank out of the block

The engine has had its fair share of knocks over the years, and Mysterious knows exactly where all the usual dings and scrapes are. Good news is that the block, although sporting a few more areas of wear, particularly around the seats where the main caps bolt down, is perfectly serviceable. The crank suffered a few extremely minor scratches on the journal where the bearing span, but after being checked out is perfectly true and reusable. In short, now that the new billet main caps have arrived, the engine will soon be built up again and ready for action once more!

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