The FIA Main Event 2009

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Saturday was a day of drama at Santa Pod, though thankfully our troubles were minor compared to some!
Our day started off with a solid run, but yesterday's ET of 7.1571 was still the one that counted, leaving us number 8
(on a 7.14 index). Not bad. The decision was made that we were fairly satisfied
with that run, and the car had been really consistent, so for a bit of fun we increased the boost
on the blower. To cut a long story short, when Fearless hit the throttle the acceleration
caused the fuel shut off lever to cut the supply of methanol off to the motor. No damage, but a
wasted run. We were aiming for our first ever 6, so we were very disappointed!

Below are some shots of the day, including a very welcome visit to the porta-crypt
from our sponsors The Gothic Shop.
The final picture demonstrates what happens
when you give a pair of young vampire cubs an iced cream on a hot summer's day!