The FIA Main Event 2009

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Sunday began with several Pro Et teams breaking out, so we knew that the weather was finally on our side for once, and maybe this could be a good day!
We were really disappointed that our friends and sponsors from The Gothic Shop only got to see us manage our worst run of the weekend
when they came to see us on Saturday, and this made us even more determined to pull something out of the hat today. Boy did we manage it!

Both runs today improved our best ever times! We ended up on a 7.02 second ET on our second run. We are now so desperately close to being a
6 second car that it almost hurts! We broke out on both runs, but we still ended up in the number 9 slot (in a 30 car entry), which leaves us in really good
shape for the eliminations tomorrow.

Oh yes, and the bottom photo proves that Nosferatu's rear wheels really do get airborne when the parachutes deploy!
Almost 200 mph with the rear wheels airborne. No wonder they call him Fearless!