Nosferatu repairs well underway!
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The autumn weather has been so mild that Nosferatu has been wheeled onto the roof of the north tower of the crypt and repairs are underway beneath the clear, cool skies. It means we have to work at night, of course, because even the low, milky sun during these short autumn days does not agree with our vampire constitution. Here we see slave Steve welding up a new set of headers to replace those damaged on our last run at the Euro Finals. Mysterious keeps a close eye on proceedings to make sure there is no slacking off until the job is done! The red overalls are a standard garment for slaves who get drafted in to the crypt, that way they are easier to find if they try to slope off before their work is done.

Will Nosferatu look the same when he emerges from the crypt for the 2010 season?

As usual, dear race fans, you'll have to tune in again to find out! Come back soon!