The fearless Count
Fearless is known to mere mortals as Vince Gibbs, and has been drag racing for many years. He appears to be the only creature who can tame Nosferatu, and so if you look closely in our pit, or if you loiter around the pairing lanes, you might catch a rare glimpse of him climbing into the cockpit. Fearless spends most of his time locked in the Crypt giving Nosferatu his true colours or tweaking the beast's massive heart to get more power out of it!

Igor the Silent One
Igor the Silent One skulks quietly around the pit, tending to the mechanical needs of Nosferatu. Known to normal beings as James Moloney, he's generally covered in oil and carrying fistfulls of spanners, so he's easy to spot. If you visit our pit and would like to know more about the car, then dear race fan be advised he knows all about it. Don't ask him any questions though. Remember, he's the silent one!

When it's time to come up with ET predictions for the dial in, Pugsley (also known as Seb) bangs the data from the weather station into the laptop and comes up with the answer. He also keeps everyone laughing, so you could say he wears the Morale Officer's hat!

When it comes to sorting out wiring and other complicated stuff, Sparks (Simon) gets wheeled out of the cupboard. Other than that, he'll generally be getting covered in oil like the rest of us!

Looking after the wounded, taking photos and general hard work in the pits are tasks taken care of by Wednesday, also known as Tanita

Hunch (Slave)
Known to non-vampires as Simon Hodder, he will be allowed out of the crypt during race meetings, but only to gather gossip and photos for the web site. If you see this hideous old creature in our pit, festooned with camera equipment or holding the ocasional spanner, we can only appologise, dear race fan!

Otherwise known as Mrs Fearless, Mina has the patience of a saint, despite being part of the underworld's finest team. She keeps Fearless's head from growing too big now he's the driver of a six second car, and generally looks after the entire team. Being a qualified engineer, she knows what she's talking about, too!

Team photo 2009
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