So we hung around and waited for the next qualifying run. Once called, we made it back to the pairing lanes and fired up the motor with no problems and were ready for our run. We had one other unknown ahead of us and that was the launch off the line. Back in 2009, at the European Finals, we had fitted new Hoosier tyres and these made the car wheelie (the previous Goodyear set didn't) and veer to the left which ended up putting me into the wall when hitting the pedal a second time. At the 2011 Main Event we were knocked out in Round 1 when I had to pedal due to heading off to the wall again. We made some suspension and wheelie bar adjustments to counteract the left movement. When hitting the pedal all was good and the car went straight, which was nice, and I headed off down the strip to hopefully run close to our dial in. After a few seconds into the run the engine started to miss fire at about 6500rpm and the RPM activated switch that shifts the car into second didn't activate so I shifted manually knowing that this would hurt our time. In the end we ran a 7.6 to a 7.4 dial in.

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Nosferatu at the Summer Nats
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