What is it about drag racing that keeps us coming back after miserable times? Our outing at the Summer Nationals was a struggle with small problems preventing us from running to our potential.

Sparks and I arrived at Santa Pod nice and early on Friday to get the pit set up and put the batteries on charge. We got set up in super fast time and were able to chill out for a while and watch some of the Peak Performance Day testing and have a chat with the other racers. One "fly in the ointment" was the MSA team conducting the scrutaneering decided to close early so we were not able to get our ticket on Friday, so that meant a 7am start on Saturday so a 5:30am wake up call to get the team ready to leave Brackley. Yes, that's right, the Minions and myself need to be back in our coffins each night to re-charge and keep ourselves safe from the daylight.

Saturday morning we were ready in plenty of time for the first qualifier and Wednesday (super tow truck driver) dragged Nosferatu into the pairing lanes. When it was our turn Igor opened up the throttle flaps and gave Nosferatu's motor a good dose of petrol ready for me to hit the starter. The motor almost fired, so Igor gave it another dose but this time added an unexpected additive in the form of the petrol squirters lid (aka washing up liquid bottle cap). Although there is a mesh filter between the injector hat and the blower I decided to abort the run. Back in the pit we lifted up the hat and removed the cap from the mesh and bolted the hat back down. Many teams would not admit to this kind of error, but what the hell we are only sort of, "human".

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Qualifying at the Summer nats